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Lately, I started making these pretties   What do you think? Perfect  with afternoon tea or coffee aren't they? ;-) Summer fruits...

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

In love with seeds

Seeds give a fabulous finish to a hand made bread. 

There is even no need to add seeds in the mix to feel their taste. Just rolling the loafs in a selections of your favorite seed mix is enough to boost the flavour to the ceiling. 

I am simply in love with seeds

Mixed seeds loaf
home made bread topped with seeds

Linseed Rye
linseed loaf

Sesame Rye with hazelnuts and raisins
hand made loaf rolled in sesame seeds

tinned loaf topped with sesame seeds

Norwegian Rye
rye bread topped with sesame seeds

milky white with sun flour seeds

olive oil bread with poppy seeds

fancy loaf with linseed topping

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